The international character of the Faculty of Sciences no longer needs to be demonstrated.

Student Mobility

Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.netIf mobility OUT still needs to be developed and in this respect constitutes an objective for the Faculty of Sciences (Erasmus study trips have yet to become part of everyday life), mobility IN has on the other hand been constantly progressing in recent years: whether it consists of exchange programmes or for scheduled examinations (e.g. Advanced Masters in Aquaculture), be it for study trips of one semester or a year within the context of laboratory work, the Faculty of Sciences welcomes students from the four corners of Europe and the planet.

The Faculty of Sciences has established and year in year out works to maintain numerous exchange agreements, essentially with universities in Europe and Quebec (cf. Partner Universities)

Academic and research staff mobility and international cooperation

Academic and research staff mobility and international cooperation
The recent establishment of an ‘international relations’ management chart has highlighted the Faculty’s academic and research staff’s international activities. Teaching missions abroad, notably as guest professors, are not uncommon and we have stopped counting the number of presentations and lectures given beyond Belgium’s borders.

In the field of research the numerous joint projects with colleagues abroad are regularly given shape within the framework of international projects such as those funded by the European Union.



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